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Ceiling Fan Medicine cabinet
Marti and Molly's  parents.
Candle Do you stink? Maybe you should take a bath.
This is where Molly sleeps. This is where Marti Sleeps. Marti likes to play baseball. Wash your hands after playing in the dirt.
Don't forget to flush the toilet.
Molly likes to ballet dance.
What's on TV? Are you hungry?
Paint Cans Did somebody forget to wash the dishes?. We use a gas stove to cook.
Gas Meter
Gasoline Can Propane for camping Do you need more light to read better? Wanna play a video game?
Kitchen rug
You are already here!!! Let's go to School Let's go camping at Camp RRC
Let's go to Park RRC

Hi and Welcome to our house! Marti and I live here with our parents.Molly the MockingbirdWe watch TV in our living room, play in our bedroom, eat in our kitchen and shower in our bathroom. We want to take you on a tour of where we live. I think you'll be surprised at how many of the things we use each day come from oil, gas and coal. Just click in each room, and we'll tell you all about our home and the many ways we use energy!

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Bath Towel Shampoo, Conditioner, and Bath Soap Somebody forgot to take out the trash Marti and Molly have a great CD & Record Collection These tools are used to fix stuff around the house.